Performance data

At the end of Key Stage 2 children are judged to be either working at the expected standard or not. Some children may be judged to be working above the expected standard.

The table below shows the percentage of children achieving the expected standard and the percentage achieving a ‘high’ level of attainment. A pupil awarded a scaled score of 100 or more has met the expected standard in each test.

Reading KS2 :

Expected standard – 81%
Greater depth – 27%

Writing KS2:

Expected standard – 83%
Greater depth – 32%

Maths KS2:

Expected standard – 93%
Greater depth – 29%

Combined KS2:

Greater depth – 78%
Greater depth – 7%

* For a pupil to achieve the expected standard in reading and maths they must achieve a scaled score of 100+ in the corresponding tests.

* For a pupil to be working at greater depth in reading and maths they must achieve a scaled score of 110+ in the corresponding tests.

The average scaled score at Kingswood Parks Primary School for reading is 105

The average scaled score at Kingswood Parks Primary School for maths is 107

* Average progress made in KS2

National average progress is always 0. Schools that make less progress receive a negative number rating, schools that make more progress receive a positive rating.

Average progress in reading 0.45

Average progress in writing 1.25

Average progress in maths 1.64

‘Children are safe and happy in the early years. There are clear routines which allow children to develop independence. ‘…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils enjoy out-of-school visits and they learn from visitors to the school too’…

OFSTED comments

‘Activities are well thought out and structured. Children develop their reading and number skills through play.’…

OFSTED comments

‘The behaviour of pupils is exceptional. Pupils work with each other and this allows them to learn and succeed’…

OFSTED comments

‘Teachers and staff have very high expectations of pupils. Pupils are clear about
these expectations and work hard to meet them’…

OFSTED comments

‘The school offers pupils lots of opportunities for learning beyond their lessons’…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils told us that they feel safe and well looked after in their school’…

OFSTED comments

‘Younger pupils learn their phonics knowledge well. Anyone who does fall behind
gets the support they need to catch up’…

OFSTED comments

‘High-quality reading books provide a basis for lots of learning. There is a new book to study every half term in every year group.’…

OFSTED comments

‘The quality of education is good. Leaders have planned the curriculum with lots of thought’…

OFSTED comments

‘Making reading exciting and interesting, is at the heart of the school’s learning programmes’…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils behave sensibly around the school during social times. They support each other and show care and consideration for

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils are very proud of the work they do in their ‘mastery of skills’

OFSTED comments

‘School assemblies give pupils the opportunity to
think about others and the communities they live in’…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils are proud when elected as members of the school council’…

OFSTED comments